Grand Intelligent Limited

About Us

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We are a Hong kong based paper printing manufacturer who specializes in the production in the production of paper gift bags,retail packaging bags,boxes,gift warps and greeting cards.Having the mindset of being competitive in todays’ economy,we firm our goal to offer the high quality products and services to our clients.

We have been growing rapidly since foundation 2008 and we are striving to striving to inprove ourselves meeting today demanding environment.Thanks to our esperienced team,most of whom devoted themselves

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for more than a decade in the field,we are able to offer innovative ideas and suggertions to our clients to meet the fast changing market,which also provides a good foundation for customers to take challenges the industry brings.Apart from manpower support,our continuous investments in the latest technologies and machineries ensure Grand Intelligent to be as competitive as ever to deliver the goods and services which surpass the demands.

Whether you are an old friend of Grand intelligent or a new customer,we wish pleasant business partnership and continuous success between us!